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More on how not to protest dog-eating November 21, 2009

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Continuing with posting links that are months old (in a futile attempt to catch up), the Vegan Ideal offers a persuasive analysis of the problematic nature of campaigns against dog meat in Korea, specifically the petition by In Defense of Animals urging people to “not buy Korean goods, support Korean businesses, or visit Korea.” That’s right — they are going to boycott an entire country* (it’s kinda like freedom fries for AR folks!).

(Long-time readers of this blog will know that dog meat in particular has been a hot topic. Kindly refer to websites like Derailing for Dummies before making any tired, racist comments in response again.)

* Note: I know someone is going to bring up boycotts of apartheid South Africa; I don’t really think the two situations are parallel, for some of the reasons talked about in the post from the Vegan Ideal.


One Response to “More on how not to protest dog-eating”

  1. penguincakes Says:

    ugggh I hate the racism/lack of thought in the AR movement. I’ve been thinking about this so much lately. And I feel like an extension of it is the invisibility of not-white vegans (of which I’m always reminded when people start bitching about how real vegans don’t eat mock meat, as if us Chinese vegans don’t count as real vegans or something just because we eat it for cultural reasons).


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