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Employment and Volunteer Opportunities with Dr. Harper and Sistah Vegan Project September 16, 2014

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SOCI Harper-PB_Finals

Dr. Harper, creator and editor of Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health and Society (Lantern Books 2010) and author of Scars: A Black Lesbian Experience in Rural White New England (Sense Publishers 2014)  is searching for 2-3 people to help take her public speaking and published works to the next level. Until she can get more funding, the first position will be volunteer and the position of Public Speaking and Events Assistant (2 available) will have a salary that is commission-based. These are all remote positions that can be done if you have easy access to the internet.

Scars book Promotion Assistant (Part-Time Remote, Volunteer)

Who the Right Candidate is and Potential Responsibilities:

  • You know how to use social media tools such as tumblr, Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, and Twitter to promote new book projects and get people excited about them.
  • You know a lot about LGBTQ…

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Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind: Concrete Ways to Support Families in Social Justice Movements and Communities July 20, 2014

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I went to the Live Oak Festival in Berkeley today. The only stand that I was really interested in was PM Press, located in Oakland, CA. I knew I was on to something when I saw pro-vegan and anti-racism books on the same table. The man tabling was named Steven Stothard (I will admit it that it is not often that I meet white guys with a BA in Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality studies).

So, folk are always asking me what I am reading to work towards liberation. Well, here are some titles from PM’s table that I will be starting this month. I am really excited about all of them, but am most excited about Don’t Leave You Friends Behind. Here is description of Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind:

A collection of suggestions, tips, and narratives on ways everyone can support parents, children, and caregivers involved in social…

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Foraging in my neighborhood: is it a privilege?

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I like to forage while I walk from home to get the kids from nursery school. I push them back up the hill in our double stroller and it takes 80-90 minutes. On the way, we eat herbs and fruit that grow every where. Plums, Meyer lemons, figs, blackberries, rosemary, and lemon verbena to name a few.

Yesterday I passed by a beautiful bush with clear purple berries. See photo above. Do you know what it is?

Is foraging a privilege or not? I feel like it is for me, for the most part. I live in North Berkeley. Most people who have a house here can afford a little land and have it landscaped professionally. For the renters of apartments and homes, the landlords do the same to the land. They have edible plants planted, but it seems more aesthetic than to eat for these residents. Why do I…

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Race-consciousness, Hip Hop, and Veganism: A New Sistah Vegan Book Project Update

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Here is an update to my newest project:


Title: “G’s Up Hoes Down:” Black Masculinity, Veganism, and Ethical Consumption (The Remix).

Some of you have asked why would I use “hoes” in my title. “Isn’t that sexist and misogynistic, Breeze?” So, let me make it clearer (especially if you have not watched my Oberlin May 2014 talk that explains this). Well, I am actually not referring to Snopp Dogg’s song from 20 years ago, but DJ Cavem’s song from his Produce Section: The Harvest album from 2012. DJ Cavem is a vegan and expert gardener who teaches youths about being ecoconscious, cooking veganism, and awareness around the prison industrial complex. DJ Cavem uses “Gs” to mean “Organic growers” and “hoes” literally as the gardening tool to cultivate healthy and strong communities.


Cee Knowledge (left), Breeze Harper, DJ Cavem (right)

Book Description: Vegan mainstream rhetoric often falls into a post-racial…

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The Fork in the Road: Ruminations on My Birthday June 5, 2014

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Updated: May 30, 2014 10:25 AM PST

Today, May 30, is my birthday. What a wonderful year it has been! I gave birth to my third child, Kira Satya, on November 5, 2013. Another successful vegan pregnancy, she came into the world at nearly nine pounds. My birthday wish for this year is simple: Can you help me continue doing my work by funding the project or pointing me to people you think would benefit from hearing me give lectures or act as a consultant? Thank you to everyone who helped me reach 4.5% of my goal over the last 12 months.  Thank you to those who donated in other ways, such as editing my new book as well as creating a brilliant cover for (wahoo to Sarah Dorsey who shares the same birthday) the new manuscript, guiding me through difficult times, or watching my children while I was writing a new…

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On my new novel, funding change, hip hop vegan book, and my birthday campaign

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Ok, I am going to be more direct. I have had a problem with having enough confidence to ask for help. Here’s the deal: I have 5000+ followers combined, in terms of FB, Twitter, and my WordPress blog. I need SV project to be funded. I have done so much for folk and I am simply asking for $5-$10 per fan (if you can afford it) to help me do this work FULL TIME. If I could get 5000+ folk to do this, I could continue to grow this work and help humans and non-human animals even more effectively. Thus far, I received less than $200 in donations, since asking this for my birthday campaign raising wishes on May 30, 2014. I do appreciate what has already been donated, but I need more for this project to survive and thrive!

Last year I raised $4000 of the $80,000 I…

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The Best Damn Vegan Oriented Children’s Singer: Meet Michal Peanut Karmi | The Sistah Vegan Project May 25, 2014

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