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Prisons and PETA again January 9, 2010

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The root of all of my problems with PETA is the way it, as an organization, is never critical of existing social and political structures, except for the ones it sees as directly connected to animals. There is more than just a lack of critique of oppressive structures, but the reinforcing of the structures through their ad campaigns and so forth. Here’s just something I saw on race has nothing to do with you. PETA once again heads to the prisons without a critical gaze.


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  1. prof susurro Says:

    every day I find a new reason why PETA is the perfect organization to illustrate the failure of white middle class “progressives” to decolonize their praxis (theory & practice around social change). This week alongside their blatant refusal to admit they stole the image of the First Lady and when confronted by it responded with entitlement mirroring an auction block, I can now add their prison offense # 12 million.

    In my mind, PETA makes a great teaching tool for how not to engage in intersectional politics and the worst teaching tool for getting people involved in animal rights.

    • Kelly G. Says:

      I also find it interesting that three out of the four women PETA chose to feature in its anti-fur ad are women of color – this from an org. whose models/spokescelebs are overwhelming white.

      • Anon2 Says:

        Note, I am not a PETA supporter. My issue is not with the fact 3 of the 4 women are women of color, but that they used a photo without permission which is so wrong in so many ways. All of the women in this anti-fur ad are extremely influential in their circles of age demographics and are well respected across many age/race/wealth groups. To me personally, the photos do not look oversexualized or falsely appealing to one class. Can you please elaborate on what you think PETA is really trying to pull off with this ad?

      • sherry lee short Says:

        Do you recall your source for this statistic? (I’d like to use it.)

    • a. Says:

      Yes, this!

  2. […] the lack of connection between the animal abolition movement, and the prison abolition movement with a recent move by PeTA (though I guess one would say that PeTA is not an abolitionist […]

  3. Anon2 Says:

    Note: I am not a PETA supporter.

    In the blog post which referenced the article below:
    Since this offer does not appear to be combined with a costumed stunt or controversial statement/metaphor, is the mere offer to the prison, without being critical of the prison system/structure, offensive?

    From the original blog:
    “I guess incarcerated people should only matter if they are vegan, otherwise, what and if they eat is simply not relevant. Thanks PETA – great reminder of how you can use prisons as your political tool.”

    FTA: “PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said a vegan diet would promote prisoners’ health and morale and limit medical costs. ”

    It appears PETA is not singling out vegan prisoners..they are offering the fridge for all of the prisoners in that prison.

  4. Kamaria Says:

    So true VOC,

    This reminds me of a time I (black woman) was a guest at a dinner table with a high ranking PETA officer (white woman). She was going on and on about the scandal of NIKE choosing a newly incriminated animal abusing football player of color, and demonstrating to get his add campaign pulled (successfully). WITHOUT ANY MENTION OF NIKE BEING ONE OF THE BIGGEST HUMAN ABUSING INDUSTRIES IN THE WORLD! My god I was so appalled!!! By her simultaneous ego stroking and refusal to acknowledge a practice of abuse–that is pretty much understood by the world–that NIKE is a leader of. Much less the implications of pulling away someones funding being the answer to someone who clearly has some issues that would probably be in the interest of future animals to be resolved through therapy. Obviously. She was so busy spitting out disgust for this person of color(bordering on not recognizing his humanity) who clearly had some suffering in his life. As well as refusing to look at a larger picture of the suffering that NIKE pretty much stands for. And this could have been a moment of inclusion. Needless to say she sounded pretty stupid to me. But on a larger note, where are PETA’s structural critiques? Why is impossible for them to connect the dots??

    I guess in some ways this representative of PETA’s philosophical thinking answered some of these questions. She doesn’t have to THINK in order to sleep at night.

    thanks for the blog,

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